Time to Squad Up

As a Female Owned Business, who knows more about what women desire when it comes to our hair, than another woman. We ONLY sell the BEST Quality Hair Extensions (the kind WE wear every day). As Woman who Grinds Hard and Plays Harder...I can assure you the quality of the hair we wear, is the ONLY hair we sell! Glam Squad Hair...It’s A Life Style!

Glamorous In All Ways

Glam Squad Hair is a Life Style NOT a trend! Every woman desires to look her best at all times and your hair, just like an attitude (at times) has to be managed. When you add quality hair extensions to your existing hair that can be maintained just like your real hair then and only then can you appreciate the quality of Glam Squad 100% Virgin Hair. Glam Squad Hair Make It Apart of YOUR Life Style!

Helping the Squad